Dear customers,

Please kindly know that the shipping will be delayed and some orders might not accept due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

The whole world is suffering the new virus and many countries and cities having taking the necessary measurements to reduce the impact to minimal and reduce opportunity of public-infection. As a world economy we the people need to come together and do the best for all nations. We all have a role to play in fighting the virus in this battle and helping to stop any pandemic.
Wish you and everyone affected/ or impacted by this virus can start to slow it down so everyone can get back to normal again. Wish you and everyone’s families all the best.

About Kuman

kuman trade(shenzhen)Co.,Ltd 酷曼商贸(深圳)有限公司 is a professional manufacturer & exporter specializing in development, manufacture and marketing in the field of maker products. "Kuman" is an American registered trademark, which US Reg.No. is: 5121990, Serial Numberis : 86849807. (trademark Ower is individual: Xiaolong Zeng, Personal ID 432822197510250057,Kuman shangmao shenzhen youxian gongsi have "kuman"Permanent brand licensing from Xiaolong Zeng ).The major products include learning kits, tools, hardware, related accessories etc. It located in Shenzhen, China, a city has the China's biggest electronics market and one of the most integrated electronic supply chains on the world. A huge number of exciting and innovative products are designed, sourced and manufactured around us every day.
We have more than one hundred of engineers to develop most kind of electronic products for Arduino boards, Raspberry PI, 3D Printers, Robot cars and so on. The training and technical documents are shared for free. We are committed to provide high quality products with the best cost performance for electronic engineers and hobbyists that even the most cost-conscious customers can't resist.
We believe that everyone should have access to the tools, hardware platforms and resources to fulfill their dreams. Our goal is to fuel an innovation revolution with easy to use prototyping modules, low cost development platforms and even custom made solutions to help you get your great ideas in to fruition in the quickest possible time.

No matter whether you're a curious student, a qualified engineer, or a hobbyist who loves to create, there will always be something here to meet your needs - and if there isn't we'd love to know, we are constantly looking for new inspiration to help us expand our product range.

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