Technical FAQ
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Q1. SC06. Do you have driver of Windows 10 IOT for 3.5 inch touch screen?
Q2: SC06. My 3.5 inch touch screen display the default brightness and can not turn off? When I connect with the HDMI cable and run, only the command prompt appear.
Q3. SC06 and SC11. It is installed necessary softwares but still not working, white screen. Is something missing? I am running OSMC (raspbmc) media center, I think it bases on raspbian.
Q4: SC06 and SC11. When I use your system, the screen workds perfectly, but after updateing the latest system, the white screen.
Q5: SC06 and SC11. In order to save the power, I want to turn off the backlight or make it into sleeping or screen protection, is it possible?
Q6: SC3A. UNO R3 3.5" TFT LCD. I can not use touch function.
Q7: SC7J. The menu display is up side down on the screen, I checked all the OSD options and tried, but still can not solve the problem. How can I do?
Q8: KY63. The obstacle avoidance sensor seems not working, I use the code and instruction on the CD, but it has no reaction. When put a object in front of it which always input 1 but no 0, how to make it work?
Q9: How to install Android APP for SM3 robot car, I can not find it in the APP store? I can connect it by WiFi, if I need upload a SKETCH to Arduino board or is preloaded?
Q10: I assembled the SM5-1 robot car according to the manual and download the APP to iPhone, I turn on the wifi board, the phone identify the connection but the APP can not connect to it and the camera is shaking.
Q11: K60. I bought the product and going to connect some sensors, but all the ports are used, is it possible for SPI, or DIY some ports for UNO?
Q12: Does H301 hunting camera have the function "timestamp"?
Q13: SC15. One infrared LED does not work?
Q14: How is the difference between SC7J and SC7B?
Q15: I am a user of K4 kit, I'd like to know how to use PROTOTYPE extension and Remote control?
Q16: How to avoid to damage the box of 3.5" touch screen (SC11)?
Q17: K60. It is white screen after connecting with UNO board, same situation after rebooting.
Q18: I installed IMAGE“5inch-RPI3-RPI2-ubuntu-mate-16.04-beta2”on my Raspberry Pi, I'd like to know the password.
Q19: My Kuman 100B 3D pen, every time I put it down, the filament keep running out. Even if I do not press any button, it occurs once the temperature rises.
Q20: How to adjust the brightness and contrast of SC7B?
Q21: How to do for K60 white screen?
Q22: SC06 or SC11. LCD can not work with prvided OS, what's the reason?

Q23: SC06 or SC11. The touch screen can not display the full software windows.
Q24: K53. When I try to connect the UNO board via USB to my computer to upload code from the Arduino text editor. My computer makes connection noise after the USB is plugged in but the device doesn't show up. When I try to upload the code I get this error message: avrdude: ser_open(): can't open device "\\.\COM1": The system cannot find the file specified. How can I do?
Q25: How can I use remaining GPIO PINS after connecting kuman 3.5 inch touch screen?