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By Kumantech | 31 May 2017 | 7488 Comments

1602 LCD with LM35 for temperature display

What a LM35 is?
Lm35 is a temperature sensor. It has very high operating accuracy and a great action radius. Because LM 35 has small, low cost and reliability, so which is widely used in engineering. Since it utilizes internal compensations, the production to start with 0 ℃. LM35 has different packages. In the normal temperature the LM35 need no additional calibration. To maintain the accuracy of ± 1/4 ℃. The power supply mode can be in single energy source, positive and negative double power supply the pins are as shown below. Among the positive and negative dual power modes, the negative temperature can measure. Within the uniform power supply mode and 25 ℃, the LM35 are about 50U, and there is a large operating voltage range between 4 and 20v. This saves the current.

Components needed:

 1* Arduino Uno board
 1 * Breadboard
 1 * USB data cable
 1 * LM35 Temperature Sensor
 1 * I2C LCD1602
● Some jumper wires

Project principle:
The output voltage of the LM35 is proportional to the temperature. If it remains in 0 ℃ room temperature, it will produce 0V. The output voltage is increased by 10mv every time the temperature rises by 1 ℃. The calculation basis is as follows:

Introduction of the 1602 LCD:
This test uses the Arduino direct drive 1602 liquid crystal display (LCD) text.
1602 liquid crystal in the application is very wide, At first, use one1602 liquid crystal with HD44780 controller. Now the 1602 modules are basically used with a Mompatibel IC at every manufacturer, so the properties are essentially identical.
The main technical parameters 1602LCD:
● Display capacity 16 x 2
● Chip operating voltage 4.5 - 5.5v
● The flow is 2.0mA (5.0v)
● The best operating voltage of the module is 5.0v
● Font size 2.95 x 4.35 (W * H) mm

1602 LCD interface definition:

1. A module for the power supply is a group of backlight .dei power supply is usually 5v. In this test the backlight with 3.3v power supply will work.
2. VL is a regulator of the contrast of the pin. The series is not greater than 5K potentiometer.This experiment is used to connect the 1K OHM resistors to the high potential and low potential, according to GND is the one with lower potential connection series 1K OHM.
3. RS is much liquid crystal on the pin, which is the command, the pin level of the selected pin is high when the data show, the data is performed.
4. RW is also a lot of Liquidcrystal on the pin, which is the choice of reading and writing. The pin level is high is that the operation write for the low time.
5. E also has a lot of liquid crystal module. This pin is usually noticed in the bus signal of stability after the characters for a positive pulse, in this pin the read data has the high level when the bus is not allowed ..
6. D7-D0 8 has two parallel buses to transmit the commands and data.
7. BLA is the light source cathode, BLK is the rear light source cathode.

The fundamental principle of the liquid crystal of 1602 is divided into the following four categories:
The figure is 1602 LCD physical card:

The hardware connecting of 4 pieces connection method is shown as below:

Code and library: https://!HNE2mC7L!Uet14F7RdvGRLLkuT-UpFA

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