Arduino board drives dual-color LED module flashing alternately

By Kumantech | 18 May 2017 | 18 Comments
Led dual-color display is generally composed of 2 colors light-emitting diodes, through different colors of light-emitting diodes can form a different display, double color is composed of red & green or yellow & green, pseudo color is from red, yellow, blue 3 different colors.

1. Connect LED dual-color module's S end to the A5 on the arduino board, the middle pin link to A4,  GND

2. Code parsing
Firstly define the red light pin of the dual-color module as A5, blue light as A4 and set the 2 pins as output mode, the main loop inside the red light to achieve a second after the closure, then the blue light up for a second, so repeated.

Turn the switch on the board, you can observe the LED flashing red and blue one second in turn.
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