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By Kumantech | 25 May 2017 | 847 Comments

Making Rfid access control and UNO board schematic wiring

This project bases on the Arduino as an entrance card, when the entrance card or induction key enter into the range of RFID sensor, through the IDE compiler serial port monitor to print out magnetic card number and write data that will trigger the LED lights.

To make your own project, you will need the following supplies:
Kuman Auduino RFID Master Starter Kit

or materials following if you have:
Arduino UNO R3*1 
Rfid module*1
Dupont cables


Buzzer module

Negative electrode(-)---------- GND
positive electrode(+) ----------- D2

Rfid module

SDA   <------------->   D10
SCK   <------------->   D13
MOSI  <------------->   D11
MISO  <------------->   D12
RQ    <------------->   NULL
GND   <-------------->  GND
RST   <------------->   D9
3.3V   <------------->   3.3V

Rfid access control and UNO board schematic wiring


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