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Documents and recources
We provide abundant learning resource, such as manual, tutorials, code, projects etc below and keep updating the documents. Also, the customers can get one to one professional technical support from us. Hope they are useful for you.

If any info you need but do not find here, please contact us via email, we are willing to help you. Please mark your item number (model number) when you are requesting the tutorials, it is better for us to provide you the exact documents.

Where the item number (model number) is?

Please move your mouse on the words as following, they are links for downloading (you may check by the item number).

K1 / K3 / K4 / K5 (37 in 1 for Arduino) / K6 / K9 / K11 / K12 / K14 / K15 / K17 / K19 / K21 / K22 / K22(Beginner) / K23 / K24 / K25 / K27 / K31 / K45 /
K51 / K52 / K62 / K64(Arduino)K65 / K66 / K67 / K75 / K76 / K77
KY03 / KY34 / KY45 / KY57 / KY58 / KY61-KY62-KY66 (Arduino) / KY63 / KY65 / KY67 / KY68 / KY70

Smart Car:
SM2 / SM3 / SM5 / SM9 / SM11
Video tutorials: SM5 and SM5-1

LCD Touch Screen:
3.5" LCD / 5" LCD / K60 / SC3A / SC3A-1 / SC6A / SC7B / SC7H / SC7H-1 / SC7I / SC7K 
Method of adding driver for touch LCD (raspberry Pi)

Dev Tools:
068 / BM102 / DSO138 / FY1005S / FY2300 / FY6600 / 13805K / 15001K

Raspberry Pi:
SC03 / SC04 / SC5A / SC06&SC11  / SC07 / SC08 / SC15 / K47 (37 in 1 for RPI / K64(RPi) / K66K71 / KY65 / KY61-KY62-KY66 (RPi)  
Sensor Kit Raspberry Pi master / Software / Sensor Kit
How to read Raspberry Pi i/o pin diagram (GPIO pin graph)?

WS01 / WS02

Outdoor Equipments:
MH21 / MH23

3D Printing:
3D printer pen / KB02

7”;10” screen:

1024x600 screen  batch files