Steps for operation:
1. Install the library, copy the four library folders in the "Arduino Demo_UNO & Mega2560 \ Install libraries" to Catagory of Arduino library (win7 system path: C: \ Users \ Administrator \ Documents \ Arduino \ libraries);;
2. Insert the corresponding LCD module into the ArduinoUNO or Mega2560 development board
3. Open the Example01~Example10(10 sample programs in total) in the Arduino Demo_UNO&Mega2560 folder, which can be downloaded separately for testing

1. Compiler error.
   Please make sure that all the required libraries have been copied to the system..\Arduino\libraries related directory  correctly.
   Next please confirm whether the environment used by the IDE 1.6.11, other versions may be compiled error.

2. Download failure
   Please check whether the development board type and serial port selection is correct.

Supporting example program instructions:
1. Example01-Simple can test RGB module's hardware quality directly, it does not rely on install libraries due to it is the most simple test;
2. Example02~10 are rely on libraries, so please copy the library in the Install libraries to Arduino library path firstly;
3. Extension examples SD Card Exten Example and Example05-ShowBMP are required to use the SD card, the test programs related to SD card are only support UNO series, does not support Mega2560.

The open source Arduino libraries involved in this development(MCUFRIEND_kbv,Adafruit_TFTLCD,Adafruit_GFX,TouchScreen ) are from the Internet, we provide only for learning purposes, the original author deserves the copyright.
If used for commercial purpose, self-responsibility.