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Kuman 24MHz Dual-channel DDS Function Signal Generator, Arbitray Waveform Generator FY3224S

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  • Description
● Kuman Arbitray Waveform Generator adopts large scale CMOS integrated circuit and high speed microprocessor. The internal circuit adopts active crystal oscillator as benchmark. So the signal stability is greatly strengthened.
● Using Dual-channel DDS direct digital synthesis technology to generate precise, stable, low distortion output signal. includes Sine wave, Square wave, Triangle wave, Saw tooth wave and user-defined waveform, each channel can be independently set the parameters.
● It has TTL electric level output, External frequency measurement, counter and sweep functions including Linear sweep and Logarithmic sweep. Both the sweep frequency and time can be set arbitrarily.
● Storage feature: You can store 20 groups instrument state parameters set by the user, can be called up to Reproduce.
● This Signal Generator is the ideal instrument for electronic engineering, laboratories, production lines, teaching and scientific research. The DC bias level is adjustable from -10V to + 10V ,other similar product has no this function.

Kind reminder:
● Before using, please check if the power supply is normal, to ensure the normal use and personal safety
● The instrument must be used in the technical index range
● Please do not change the instrument circuit arbitrarily, so as to avoid damaging equipment or endangering the safety

● Sampling rate up to 250 MSa/s.
● Built-in arbitrary waveform with 250 MSa/s sampling rate.
● 4 downloadable 2048 dots arbitrary waveform memories
● With 12 bit wide waveform generator, the output waveform can be more delicate with low distortion.
● Each function can be adjusted by host computer.
● Preinstalled 17 common waveforms.
● High resolution: Full range frequency resolution can be 10 mHz.
● Both main and subsidiary wave duty cycle are adjustable separately (0.1%~99.9%) .
● All range continuously adjustable, digital directly setting.
● High waveform accuracy: The output waveform synthesized by function calculation is of high accuracy and low distortion.
● Arbitrary waveform: User can load arbitrary waveform according to the need.
● Sweep Function: Linear sweep and Logarithmic sweep. Starting and stop points can be set optionally.

Package Contents:
● 1x 24MHz Dual Channel DDS Function Signal Generator
● 1x 1m power cable
● 1x 1.25mUSB cable
● 2x 1.1m Q9 cables
● 1x disc

Customer Reviews
Recent Reviews
  • ByDream Catcher
  • Jul 25, 2017
It's been a long time since I had a use for this equipment (school days). Since then electronics has taken me in a different direction (field work, a hammer often being as useful as a multimeter). As a hobbyist I am now enjoying a renewed interest and greatly appreciate the bang for the buck this unit delivers. It could very well be the units I was about to purchase (much like those I see on the benches in work) would deliver far more stable and accurate wave forms. Indeed they should, I was about to spend nearly $500 for just such an assurance.

Please, if you have very sensitive needs, or plan on applying this professionally look elsewhere (both regarding this review and the device). But, if like me you are a hobbyist or even a SERIOUS hobbyist with professional ambitions you must consider this instrument. The level of features are amazing. Perhaps it's that I've made do with a home brew waveform generator for a while, but oh man look through the documentation. The presets are a blast! There is even an 'electrocardiogram output' just for giggles and grins!

On the rear of the unit is the power port and a USB connection, plus there are TTLA and TTLB connectors too. On the front is the power switch and the main wave output (channel 1) and the deputy wave output (channel 2) connections. There is a dial to adjust several parameters. There are also several quick functions buttons.

My notes:

• The docs are English and pretty well written, there is even a doc on the interface protocol
• I was surprised that you can run this from your pc and also program complex wave forms and download them
• I found multiple references on the web that these had a ground leakage problem. I measured mine and it does not so I guess that problem was fixed.

When judging this tool it is important to remember it is very inexpensive and at this point works splendidly. This signal generator's frequency output matches exactly with the frequency counter on my scope and produced very stable waveforms regarding both amplitude and frequency. I am impressed.

The unit is a great value for the price! I think the designers did a good tradeoff here and I have to say, it sure is nice when you order something online and it actually meets or exceeds your expectations.

I would suggest this is an excellent starting point for someone new to the hobby. It could easily be utilized by a more experienced user too.

  • Byalex
  • Jul 25, 2017
A1 seller. very well made product. i love that it can be adjusted by increments of .1 hz . very good value for money.
thank you very much. shippment was very good also . many thanks.

  • ByRobert Farquhar
  • May 05, 2017
Working out quite well. Super fast shipping.

  • ByRobert W. Johanson
  • May 05, 2017
Excellent value; works well.
Menu's are a bit different, but once you make a few changes you will find it easy to us.
I would recommend this any hobbist or engineer who needs a function generator once in a while.