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Kuman 3D printer Pen Filament Refills - ABS 1.75mm Filament Fun Sampler Pack of 20 Different Colors in 20 Foot Lengths-including 3D Sencils ebook

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Key Features:
● This is an upgraded Super Starter Kit, developed specially for those beginners who are interested for Arduino
● Includes a total of 45 electronic parts and components
● A complete set of most common and useful electronic components.
● Best packing and fast delivering
● Detailed tutorials including project introduction and source code CAN BE PROVIDED FOR FREE,contact us BY Email to get documents

Box Contains:
1)1 x UNO R3 Mainboard
  2)1 x USB cable(0.5m length)
  3)1 x GPIO Extension Board
  4)1 x Connecting Cable
  5)1 x Big Breadboard(830 points)
  6)1 x Mini Breadboard
  7)10 x 3mm Red LEDs
  8)10 x 3mm Green LEDs
  9)10 x 3mm Yellow LEDs
  10)1 x 5mm RGB LED
  11) 5 x Button with Cap
  12)10 x 330 ohm color ring resistor
  13)10 x 1k ohm color ring resistor
  14)10 x 10k ohm color ring resistor
  15)1 x 1K Adjustable Trim pot resistor(Potentiometer)
  16)1 x 10K Adjustable Trim pot resistor(Potentiometer)
  17)1 x 2.54mm Elbow 40 Pin Header
  18)1 x 2.54mm Straight 40 Pin Header
  19)1 x 5516 Light Dependent Resistor(Photoresistor)
  20)1 x Ball switch
  21)1 x Active Buzzer 5V
  22)1 x Passive Buzzer 5V
  23)1 x 74HC595 8bit Shift Register
  24)1 x LM35 Temperature Sensor
  25)1 x SS8050 NPN Transistor
  26)1 x Infrared Receiver(type 1838)
  27)1 x Infrared Sender
  28)1 x Infrared Phototransistor(Flame Sensor)
  29)1 x Infrared Remote controller(Battery is Included)
  30)1 x Stepper Motor(5V)
  31)1 x SG90 Servo motor
  32)1 x 1602 LCD
  33)1 x 1-Digit Eight-segment Display
  34)1 x 4-Digit Eight-segment Display
  35)1 x 8*8 Dot Matrix Led Display
  36)1 x Stepper Motor Driver Board
  37)1 x Sound Sensor Module(With "Digital" and "Analog" output)
  38)1 x for PS2 Joystick module
  39)1 x RTC module(Battery Not Included)
  40)1 x Relay Module(5V-10A)
  41)65 x Jump Wires
  42)10 x Female-Female Dupont wires
  43)10 x Male-Female Dupont wires
  44)1 x 9V Battery Holder(9V Battery not included)
  45)1 x MAX7219 chip
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