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Kuman 4 Modes LED Headlamp 3000lm Waterproof Rechargeable Flashlight for Hiking Camping Fishing Hunting outdoor sports KH11

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Key Features:
● Instantly improve your visibility with handfree,bright lighting -Latest Version Boruit XM-L 3 x T6 Headlamp,extensive lifetime of LED (100,000 hours) Super bright 800 Lm LED Bulb LED beam with 3 switch modes: Low - High - Strobe,Suitable for different occasions
● Your viewing at close range and long-distance is now a breeze - The Adjustable(90 degree) sturdy headlamp body allows you to focus light where you need it;the 3 light modes ensure you get the exact level of brightness you need for any use through single button control.
● Lightweight and Long-distance - Less than 8.5 oz would not burden your head,800 Lumen Led light for up to 200 feet of visibility.
● Extensive lifetime and Water-Resistant:Adopting aluminum and imported brand new plastic material, anti-drop, anti-stab and durable,the life of LED is up to 100,000 hours;and Prefect for outdoor activities, such as running, hiking, hunting, fishing rain etc, and indoor working light
● Rechargeable,Super Bright,lightweight & Comfortable,Easy to Use,Suitable for outdoor sport lovers to do some outdoor activities, such as hunting, cycling, climbing, camping, etc Useful Package Contents - Headlamp Flashlight x1,18650 Batteries x2,Power Charger x1,Dual USB Ports Car Charger,Power Cable xl, Head Strap x2

Rechargeable Headlamp:

XM-L T6 Headlamp*3
Model of LED: XM-L T6
Output bright can come to max 3500 lumens [lm]
Internal wiring applies the high efficient booster circuit, working voltage is wide and can utilize the batteries in the largest extent
Waterproofing design(can be used in outdoor weather,but can't put into water,it is not for diving)
Adjustable base is provided for each head lamp, with back and forth inclination
Switch Mode: Low (The middle light is on)/Middle (The two side small lights are on)/High (All three lights are on)/Strobe (All three lights are flashing)
Model of Battery required: 2x 18650 3.7v
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Body Color: Black
Strap's color: Deep Blue
Max output:800 Lumem(Max) Illuminate Range: about 200 feets(High light)
Light Color: White light
Switch modes: Low/High/Strobe
Power Resource: 2*18650 1200 mAh Rechargeable battery(included), one can also work.

Packaging list:

1x T6 LED Headlamp
2x 18650 battery
1x Dual USB Ports Car charger
1x USB cable
1x Power Charger
2x sets Head of straps(one is standard accessory, the other is as a free gift and style random delivery).

Kindly Remind:

Please remove the plastic wrap off the batteries at first time use,otherwise can't recharge success!
Do not install upside down of the batteries positive and negative pole ,if the batteries are installed in opposite position, it may damage the headlamp.
Customer Reviews
Recent Reviews
  • ByGeorge Becker
  • Nov 12, 2016
The lights work good. Plenty of light to see well.

  • ByRonald B. Butterworth
  • Nov 12, 2016
This headlamp is awesome. Bought it to pier fish at night. With all lights illuminated it was like daylight to safely walk the pier and change tackle on the line. With the single, center lamp illuminated it not only made it easy to watch my line but, help attract trout in the shallow saltwater. One fishing trip with this new headlamp and more than 30 trout caught in 2 hours. Can't wait to discover all the other uses for this cool headlamp. The strap configuration adjusts to fit tightly around your head and the center strap ensures the lamp does not slide down around your neck. The batteries are easily installed and recharged quickly with the supplied AC or DC source. I can foresee many years of use from this device.

  • ByTim Norton
  • Nov 12, 2016
I gave this Headlamp an honest work out! It is very well constructed. It is as comfortable as one can expect.I thought it would be much heavier. Don't get me wrong, it does have some weight to it, but if you take the time to adjust it as it should be it is very balanced. If you will take a few minutes you can adjust it to be pretty comfortable. I have tried 2 others that were not near the quality ( less expensive) that were a pure hassle to manage with doing any activity. The Headlamp does not shift around, make you feel like you have a brick on your head or make you feel like an alien. You may look like one, but you want feel like one.
It is extremely bright. I am in the electrical field and know the difference between halogen & LED.No comparison. The Kuman represents the LED field in a way that would make any Mother proud.
It has 4 different settings. You can burn the center light alone, the outer two alone or all 3 together. The forth is a strobe setting. This setting could be very useful in your car was to break down at night or something of that sort. I myself will guarantee you will be seen.
Now lets talk battery. It took this unit about 2 hours to charge. I received a little over 2 hours burning time a full throttle. I burned all three lights,occasionally playing with the strobe. I think 2 hours continuous on at full get up and go is about all one could expect.
Over all I believe this to be a solid purchase. I will not be using it for work or anything that will demand daily use, but I am kinda excited thinking about the next time the power goes out. Then we will put the baby to use.