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Kuman 4K WiFi Sport Camera 1080p 60fps 12MP 2.0" LCD 170 Degree Wide Angle Waterproof DV Camcorder for Bicycle Motorcycle Diving with free part MH21

Chipset 6350
Item Code: MH21
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Key Features:
● 2.0 inch HD Screen 6350 chipset and OV4689 Sensor. Portable, handy and space-saving design, small size ideal for adventure/sport/home/action/travel dv camcorder
● 170 degree wide-angle lens allows a wide angle scene. It records professional video at 4K 15fps / 2.7K 24fps/1080p 60fps and 720P 120fps , captures 12MP photo. One of the feature is it can still take pictures when you are recording a video.
● Comes with a shockproof carrying bag holding all the accessories when you are traveling or go outdoor activities. All the accessories work with other action camema
● Waterproof & Durable: With protective case,waterproof to 98 feet (30 meters).It's designed to adapt most environment, perfect for outdoor sport activities
● Built-in WIFI: Just download App on your phone or tablet and connect with action camera. Then operate or review the images or videos via Android or IOS devices.

● 2"Screen + Ultra HD 4K + Waterproof
● Video: 4K 15fps / 2.7K 24fps ; 1080p 60/30fps
● Format of Videos : H.264
● Resolution of photos : 12M/8M/5M/2M
● Lens: 170 + HD wide-angle lens.
● Waterproof: Up to 30m
● Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n .Supported, Android /ISO APP
● Storage: Support storage cards:Micro SDHC Class10 4GB~32G.
● Input/Output: USB2.0 & Mini HDMI (Type D)
● Shooting Mode : Single Shot
● Continuous Shooting(3 photos)
● Time lapse : Off/2s/3s/5s/10s /20s /30s /60s
● USB Interface : USB2.0
● Power source interface : 5V 1A
● Working Time : 1-2 hours
● Battery Capacity : 900MAH
(1080p 30fps 1.5hours, 4K 15/1080p 60fps 40 mins Based on full charge) Wi-Fi control range is 30m

Package Includes:
● 1 x Kuman Sport Action Video Camera
● 1 x Waterproof Case
● 1 x Waterproof Case bracket
● 1 x Waterproof Case clip
● 1 x Bike braket
● 1 x Multifunction clip
● 1 x Camera clip
● 1 x Helmet seat
● 1 x Bandages
● 1 x Tethers
● 1 x Metal Tether
● 1 x Cleaning cloth
● 1 x Power adaptor
● 1 x USB cable
● 1 x Charger
● 1 x Bracket adaptor
● 1 x English Manual
● 1 x Battery
● 1 x High quality Nylon carring bag

Language :
English /Esperanza / Portuguese/ (Russian ) / Chinese Traditional / Chinese Simplified / Deutsch /Italiano / France/ Korean/Japanese/ Polski /Turkish/ Czech /Thai
Dimensions: (L*W*H) 59*24.5*41 mm

1. 4K only 15FPS, 2.7K only 24FPS. But most PC only accept video 1080P.
So we suggest record by 1080P 60FPS, It is the best and the most fluent.
2. This camera only can be used with good class 10 Memory card. the TF card is not included in the package.
(support max 32GB card)
Customer Reviews
Recent Reviews
  • ByCody
  • Sep 26, 2016
A great camera on a budget! I have 2 Gopros already and wanted another so i can pass a camera around and get shots from everyone elses point of view. I opted for this cheaper option when i seen some test footage on line shot with it and decided it looked pretty good. Ive gotta say i am very impressed with this camera. Ive been using it for a little while now and i havent had any bugs with it yet witch is mainly the biggest worry to have a not so name brand device. The kit it comes with is AMAZING. it took me a while to get all those things for my first gopro and this comes with it! ive actually recommended this kit to friends and kids who want a gopro but arnt ready to drop so much money on it. This camera gets the job done without costing so much. The quality of the video is really nice i like 1080p and think that its very comparable to the gopros in quality. i tried the 4k and im not sure why but it looks like a lower quality than the 1080p might have been the player i played it in or something but i dont plan to use the 4k but its nice to have the option. and knowing it does 4k means the processor is stronger and it can handle better 1080p than the only 1080p models. The Camera is almost identical to a gopro in most ways but it doesnt fit into gopro cases. Also the battery is different than the gopro and this was a little bummer to me because itd be nice to carry a universal battery with me but not a big deal. the case that this thing comes in is very nice and sleek and looks just like the latest gopro case. and its very high quality in looks and operation. The back of the camera has a nice little screen. its not a hd screen so playback wont look great but it will help to compose your shot. also its not touch screen but being able to see all your settings and everything on the screen is definitely easier than my gopro with only the little lcd panel on the front. This camera is very simple to use and figure out and i actually recommend i to people to get their kids these so they can film in the water or whatever sport the kids are doing now. when i was younger there was no waterproof action cameras. i had a old fashioned cam corder and id skateboard next to my friends with a giant camera filming. Technology amazes me and i encourage anyone to shoot as much video as they can because looking back i really wish i had more video from when i was a kid. I also want to note that this camera is compatable with all the gopro type mounts that are out there on the market. poles, suctioncups, magnets, clamps, clips, hats, goggles, you name it, theres a gopro mount for it. and i have alot of them and that feature alone is a make or break for a action camera and this camera has that.
i recieved this camera kit at i discount for a honest review. and like i said im recommending this to anyone who wants to shoot their adventures and arnt crazy rich. This camera is amazing for the money and comes with all you need to get started in shooting adventures. Get out there and shoot. its not about the brand name on the camera its about what you do with the camera.

  • Byshallowfish
  • Sep 26, 2016
OK, this camera seems to be just what is needed for the price conscious consumer. I bought this to replace a competitors camera that got lost in the surf. Before I gave it to my son for a birthday present, I wanted to try it at our church and see how it performed. You can take the battery out and plug in an external power supply if you want unlimited video time. It has a micro HDMI port to hook up to a streaming device, it has a built in Microphone that does a credible job. It has WiFi and an app that lets you capture the video on your cell phone or tablet....The video is really nice (up to 4K, wow) and it looks just like the competition at a fraction of the cost. All-in-all, this camera is a steal with all the available accessories . You can hook up an external battery supply like a RavPower and it works just fine. I think my son will like his birthday present. And I think our church is going to purchase one to use in our Youth Department and in our Refuge Worship service. Good product.