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Kuman Basic Starter Kit for Arduino UNO R3 Mega2560 Nano Robot Kits K1

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  • Description
> This is a huge value starter kit includes lots of common electronic components and module, such as capacitor ,Transistor ,Diode ,Resistors , Colorful LED and so on. You can make your funny project with it .
> And also this kit includes much example projects, the manual of the kit will give you some sparkle idea . So that you can make much funny products.

Key Features:
● Kuman is professional in electronics and provides high quality product and service
● Discovering can be EASY and FUN for Arduino,Kits came with quality nice plastic box
● Kit includes compatible Uno R3 Board for Arduino, and components needed to complete various projects
● This Basic Starter Kit gives you everything you need to build a Volt Meter, LED Game, Buzzer Circuit, or play a melody (Except Battery)

Kind Reminder: Detailed tutorials including project introduction CAN BE PROVIDED FOR FREE, contact us BY Email to get documents.

Packing List:
1. UNO R3
2. USB Cable
3. Red Led, 5pcs
4. Green Led, 5pcs
5. Blue Led, 5pcs
6. Tilt switch Vibration switch
7. Flame sensor
8. LM35 temperature sensor
9. Infrared receiver 1838
10. Photoresistance
11. Key cap
12. Key Switch
13. Passive Buzzer
14. Active Buzzer
15. B10k Variable resistors
16. Jumper cap
17. 830 point Breadboard/ protoboard
18. Remote Control
19. Jumper cable
20. RGB Module
21. Resistance 1K
22. Resistance 10K
23. Resistance 220R
24. Single Digital Seven-segment display
25. Four DigitalSeven-segment display
26. 8*8 Dot Matrix
27. IC 74HC 595
28. 9V battery holder
29. 2.54mm 40pin header
30. Good plastic packing
Customer Reviews
Recent Reviews
  • ByMike Pettinger
  • Nov 19, 2016
Good quality. I like the plastic box that it comes in! It appears everything is there, however some of the sensors I am not sure what is what. It would be helpful they include some pictures of things that are not so obvious like the flame sensor or the active vs passive buzzer. Also, look at the inventory list on the website. Do not rely on the picture. They show far more LEDs in the picture than they actually include in the package.

  • ByJavon
  • Nov 19, 2016
Came as expected. It was complete with 90% of what I needed to complete a small project (robotic arm). Didn't have any issues with any of the components, lcd and all worked just

  • ByCarney Whitehill
  • Nov 19, 2016
Perfect parts, near perfect help.awesome kit, has everyone it advertises. This kit seemed like a good deal for price. It arrives in nice plastic box (as pictured)

  • ByOpinionated Nerdette
  • Sep 26, 2016
I bought this for my husband because he loves to tinker with electronics. We thought this would be great because it doesn't require him to have to solder. So, this review is his opinions on this item.
First thing he noticed was that the breadboard was slightly warped making some of the connections loose. Also, he thought it would have been nice if it included a diagram showing what each piece is. But, he found that searching the part numbers on Google provided the information needed. He felt this was a nice collection of parts for a beginner. A good set to learn the basics of Arduino. It includes a lot of the basic electronic components that will get you started. He has already spent a lot of time playing with this and making all different kinds of circuits. This kit is great for prototyping when designing robotics or other electronic projects requiring only basic commands. It was also a huge plus to have a sturdy, hard plastic case to keep it all in. No more lost pieces or having to search for a container to keep all the pieces in securely.
As advertised, this kit includes Package List: UNO R3, USB Cable, Red Led 5pcs, Green Led 5pcs, Blue Led 5pcs, Tilt switch Vibration switch, flame sensor, LM35 temperature sensor, Infrared receiver 1838, photoresistance, Key cap, Key Switch, Passive Buzzer, Active Buzzer, B10k Variable resistors, jumper cap, 830 point Breadboard/ protoboard, Remote Control, Jumper cable, RGB Module, resistance 1K, resistance 10K, resistance 220R, Single Digital Seven-segment display, Four DigitalSeven-segment display, 8*8 Dot Matrix, IC 74HC 595, 9V battery holder, 2.54mm 40pin header, Good plastic packing. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my genuine, unbiased review. The views and opinions in this review are solely mine and are in no way influenced by the price I paid for this kit.