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Kuman Starter Kit for arduino with UNO R3 LCD Servo Motor Sensor AVR 32 components K11

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  • Description
Key Features:
● This is a very good kits for starter to study MCU programing .High quality component good Toys & Games Early Development Science Toys
● With Uno R3 Starter Kit , you are able to learn and do many experiment,such as lighting up the LED , then get the LED to be a output display
● And interact with you .also you can learn the basic concepts of buttons , IR remote control with IR receiver .
● Use sensors (flame , temperature sensor) to detect the environment , also this includes Servo , Motor , ULN2003 driver board to let you complete Mechanical control over objects . with LCD modules to display your work.

Kind Reminder: Detailed tutorials including project introduction CAN BE PROVIDED FOR FREE, contact us BY Email to get documents.

Packing List:
(1) UNO R3 + USB cable x1
(2) Development Expansion board x1
(3) Mini Bread Board x1
(4) 830 Point Solderless Bread Board x1
(5) SMD Component Box x1
(6) LED(Red) x5
(7) LED(Yellow) x5
(8) LED(Green) x5
(9) Active Buzzer x1
(10) Passive Buzzer x1
(11) Mini Push Button x4
(12) LED Seven-segment Displays (1-digit) x2
(13) Ball Switches x2
(14) Light Dependent Resistors x3
(15) Potentiometer x1
(16) LM35 Temperature Sensor x1
(17) Flame Sensor x1
(18) Infrared Sensor x1
(19) 220 Ohm Resistors x8
(20) 1k Ohm Resistors x5
(21) 10k Ohm Resistors x5
(22) 40 Pin Header x1
(23) 4pcs 20cm Female to Female Dupont Cable x1
(24) Jumper Cables x20
(25) 9V Battery x1
(26) 9V Battery Clip x1
(27) IR Remote Control x1
(28) 1602 LCD Modules x1
(29) SG90 9G Servos x1
(30) ULN2003 Driver Board x1
(31) 5V Stepper Motor x1
(32) Storage Box x1

Customer Reviews
Recent Reviews
  • Byヨシムラ
  • Jun 28, 2017

  • Bykaz_na
  • Jun 28, 2017

  • ByCuong P. Nguyen
  • Oct 15, 2016
I love this kit. It included a lot of components to make many Arduino projects (both digital and analog ones). I was able to download the Arduino IDE from and installed it in my Windows 10 laptop and tried running my first project w/o any major issues. One little hiccup I got was once the board is connected with the included USB cable and when I was uploading the compiled "blink" program to the board it complained that it did not detect the board. After some searching I found that the board defaulted to COM4 and the IDE defaulted to COM1. Fixing was easy in the IDE tool and I had my first Arduino project running! One suggestion I have is it would be nice to include ONE sheet of "Getting Started" where it will describe downloading the IDE, load the sample project, reconfigure the port, and compile. This would make it a lot easier. In my case I was doing some YouTube search, then I got the email from the seller which provided additional links for documentations and additional projects. I have the say that the documentation provided by the seller via the website as very complete with PDF files, examples, screenshots, board schematics, etc... Perhaps these links should be described in the "Getting Started" sheet above? The board construction was solid and looked like high quality materials and components were used. The kit came with many components (ie. resistors, potentiometers, LEDs, sensors, IR control, etc..) all housed in a plastic divider box. Power to the board is obtained via the USB connection so there's no need to connect additional power to the power jack on the board (but you may need external power if you use many components which might exceed the USB power provided via the port). I have yet to try many projects but I'm sure I will have a very good learning time with this. The kit also include a decent sized breadboard (not a mini one) with plenty of room to do 7-segment projects and even a matrix LED display. I'd have to say that the process of getting the Arduino Uno board up and running was much faster than getting the Rasberry Pi board which I also have where you'll have to download the Operating Systems, etc... Arduino does NOT need an OS to ruin. It just run! Overall, I'm very happy with this kit and would recommend anyone who wants to learn about Arduino. The seller also have other kits with different sorts of component if you want a larger kit version to do more projects. For me this is a good start.