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Kuman Wireless Remote Control 3-prong Plug-in Electrical Outlet Switch for Household Appliance Lamp Light KJ02

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● Remote control: Control hard-to-reach appliances while sitting in bed or on a sofa. It is a convenient product for children, elderly individuals, pregnant women, and patients.
● Strong RF signal: It can pass through doors and even walls to switch on/off appliances without interfering. The operating range is 100ft.
● Energy saving: Cut off all standby power consumption, reduce energy use and electric bills and even extend the life of your products.
● Learning motivated: you can learn to program one outlet with more than one remote or one remote with more than one outlet.
● Good quality: ABS fireproof materials, high receiver sensitivity, anti-interference ability and CR2032 lithium battery. Two optional IC code: fixed code and rolling code.

● Rate:125v/50Hz /10A/2300W
● Working frequency: 433.92MHZ
● Working temperature:-20℃-40℃
● Indoor use
● Range:100ft(30m)
● Remote size:87*38*15mm
● Outlet switch size: 54*100*57mm
● 1 Transmitter ( including 3v CR 2032 battery)+3 receivers+ user manual+ blister card

Packing List:
● 1 x Outlet switch
● 1 x Remote Control
● 1 x 3V (CR2032) battery (for remote)

Customer Reviews
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  • Bysuji
  • Jun 02, 2017
Using this device we can control or appliances from 100 feet away without getting up out of from the chair or were you. The package contains 3 outlet switches and 1 remote control.
3 Outlet switches and the remote controls are already paired and they are ready to use and all the outlets are three prong device and we can plug into any three-prong outlet. An each outlet switches is having separate ON and Off button. Also, the remote control is having separate ON and Off button to control all the outlet switches that paired with the remote.

It is easy to pair the outlet switches with the remote control. First, we need to plug the outlet switch to the outlet and we need to locate the ON/Off button on the outlet switch which is on the top of the outlet switch and press and hold the button for 3 seconds, the LED indicator will begin to flash slowly. And on the remote control press, the ON button which you need to use to pair the outlet and the LED indicator will stop flashing and the outlet switch and the remote control will be paired successfully.

And for resetting we need to press and hold the ON/OFF on the outlet switch for 3 seconds, then the LED indicator will begin to flash slowly, continue to hold for an another 3 seconds, now the LED indicator will flash rapidly. Release the ON/OFF button for 1 second and press once again to confirm reset.

Using the remote control we can pair up to 5 outlets and the remote control require CR2032 Lithium battery to operate which is included with the package