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Kuman Ultimate Starter Kit With R3 board, Sensor module kits, LCD, Servo, Stepper Motor (66 Items) K27

Transistors, Servo, Motor, 9V/1A Power supply, Bread board, Sensors, Switches
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  • Description
Key Features:
● The most complete, highest cost performance starter kit with 66 kinds , more than 200pcs components.Kuman R3 development board is also included. Moreover, USB cable, 100% compatible with R3, MEGA 2560 R3, NANO.
● This is the newest ultimate learning Starter Kit, developed specially for those beginners who are interested. All the components you need in package with clear listing , such as 9V 1A Power Supply, lcd display, Ultrasonic Sensor Module shield.
● SG90 motor, Ultrasonic Sensor Module wire,LED, IC,buttons,diodes ,etc.All the modules are soldered, so they are easy to wire up.
● LCD1602 module with pin header ( no need to solder by yourself) .Kuman Power Supply Module is 6.5v - 9v (DC). Please don't over charge it otherwise it will burn your board and chips.
●A free PDF tutorial (more than 30 lessons) to show you how to use them. All code to use the modules is included on the CD. Feel free to contact us if have any questions.

Kind Reminder: Detailed tutorials including project introduction CAN BE PROVIDED FOR FREE, contact us BY Email to get documents.

Box Contains:
1. 1 X  R3 Board
2. 1 X 830 point Breadboard
3. 1 X USB Cable
4. 1 X 9V Wall Power Adapter (1A)
5. 1 X Remote control
6. 1 X 1602 LCD
7. 1 X Protosheild w/ Mini Breadboard
8. 1 X 65 X MM Jumper Wires (assorted length)
9. 4 X 1 X FF Premium Jumper Wires
10. 1 X SG90 9G Servo
11. 1 X Stepper Motor
12. 1 X Stepper Motor Driver
13. 100 X Resistors (10 each / 10, 100, 200, 330, 1K, 2K, 5K, 10K, 100K, 1m ohm)
14. 1 X 9V Battery Connection
15. 1 X Relay
16. 2 X MAX7219 module
17. 1 X 7 Segment Display (4 digit)
18. 1 X 7 Segment Display (1 digit)
19. 1 X ADXL335 Gyroscope Module
20. 1 X XY Joystick Module
21. 1 X HCSR04 Ultrasonic Sensor Module
22. 1 X Small Plastic Box (with components)
23. 5 X BC547 NPN Transistor
24. 5 X BC557 PNP Transistor
25. 2 X Photoresistor (LDR)
26. 5 X 1N4007 Diodes
27. 5mm LED (5 each / blue, green, yellow, white, red)
28. 1 X RGB LED (Common Cathode)
29. 2 X 10K Potentiometer
30. 1 X 74HC595 8 Bit Shift Register
32. 1 X Thermistor
33. 1 X Active Buzzer
34. 1 X Passive Buzzer
35. 5 X 22pF Capacitors
36. 5 X 0.1uF Capacitors
37. 2 X 50V 10uF Capacitors
38. 2 X 50V 100uF Capacitors
39. 5 X Push Button Switches
40. 1 X H-Bridge Motor Driver
41. 1 X IR Receiver Module
42. 1 X 3V DC Motor
43. 5 X PN2222 Transistors
44. 1 X Breadboard Holder
45. 1 X 40 PIN Header
46. 1 X Ultrasonic Holder
47. 1 X DHT11 module
48. 1 X Keypad module
49. 1 X Rotary Encoder Module
50. 1 X HC-SR501 PIR Motion Sensor
51. 1 X Bread board power module
52. 1 X Tilt Switch
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