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Updated 2.4" TFT Digital Oscilloscope Kit with Power Supply and BNC-Clip Cable Probe Q15001 (Assembled Finished Machine)

UPGRADED VERSION - The sensitivity of Q15001 has been extended in both directions and is higher and wider. It reaches 5mV/div - 20V/div. Also, this updated version can be handheld.
DESIGNING TO YOUR NEEDS - Display and MCU are mounted on the same board (
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1. Extended sensitivity

Sensitivity has been expanded in both width and height, which is wider than another similar product. It reaches 5 mV / div - 20 V / div, while another similar product is only 10 mV / div - 5 V / div.

2. Simply measure

With the Auto / Normal / Single Trigger mode, you can easily capture the current waveform.

3. Encoder

The encoder has been added, making parameterization quicker and easier.

4. Maintenance function

You can keep the waveform at any time.

5. Waveform memory function

You won't lose the waveform after turning off the wave.

6. Professional assembly

The display and the MCU are mounted on the same board (mainboard) to avoid the use of connecting heads between the boards. The analog channel is on a separate board that contains most of the parts installed by the user so that the analog and digital circuits can be better separated.

7. Handheld

This updated digital oscilloscope can be hand-held and is more practical than other products.

Basic Button Functions

[V/DIV]: Select sensitivity or vertical position,The selected parameter indicator will be highlighted.

[SEC/DIV]: Select timebase or horizontal position. The selected parameter indicator will be highlighted.

[TRIGGER]: Select trigger mode, trigger level, and trigger edge. The selected parameter indicator will be highlighted.

[OK]: Enter HOLD state (freeze waveform). Pros it again will de-freeze.

[ADJ]: Adjust the parameter selected (highlighted). Short press toggles Fast Adjustment mode.

Couple switch: Set couple to DC, AC, or GND. When GND is selected the scope input is isolated from input signal and connected to ground (0V input).

Before you start


  1. Please check kit contents and part quantities/values by the photo at right.
  2. Resistor values are easy to misread. It is strongly suggested to check their values by ohm-meter before soldering them to the board.
  3. Make sure you understand the polarities and orientations of all parts.


Max realtime sample rate: 1 MSa/s

Sensitivity range: 5mV/div - 20V/div

Input Impedance: 1M ohm/20pF

Maximum Input voltage: 50Vpk

Record length:1024 bits

Timebase range: 500s/Div-10us/Div

Display: 2.4 inch color TFT LCD with 320 x 240 resolution

Power Adapter: 9V DC ( 8-10V )

Dimension: 115mm X 75mm X 22mm

Weight: 100 grams (without cable and power adapter)

Please be aware that due to your computer monitor display the color may have some difference between the picture and the physical item

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