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  • ByAlex Mourer
  • Jun 01, 2017
I am using this touchscreen to build a whole home audio system. I worried that the screen wouldn't be as responsive as other devices that I have but I am not disappointed.

The product arrived in well protected packaging with no damage.
Easily accessible mounting holes.
Raspberry Pi recognized this device upon boot and worked as hoped.

Only negative is that you must double press to open things. I believe this is a Raspberry Pi flaw and not a flaw for the screen. I'm sure it's fixable by writing a script to face a double tap.

  • Bynmuwildcat
  • Jun 01, 2017
Using it as the primary display for setting up Raspberry Pi 3 projects. Read the instructions for setting up screen resolution is my only noob tip.

I would probably go for a higher resolution one if building a pitop type device.

Bonus it worked well as a touch screen device for my laptop also. I used my laptop as the power source once, and discovered this

  • ByBrandon Piddington
  • Jun 01, 2017
Great piece of hardware. There is something about being able to walk around with a screen in your backpack, or if you prefer, satchel. There are a few reviews on this product that provide details on how to appropriately program it for use with the Raspberry Pi platform, which is helpful. This is a superb 7" touch screen for the minimalist, which makes sense because what is the Raspberry Pi but a truly minimalist endeavor. If you have the means, I highly suggest picking one up.

  • ByJay Gonzalez
  • Nov 19, 2016
I love the touchscreen and works great, would be better for a development environment.

  • ByEdro
  • Oct 06, 2016
Very pleased with this item. Works well with my RPI 3. I modified config.txt and rebooted. Video out and touch automagically worked, no issue. Very pleased with this item.

  • ByJack Ellis
  • Oct 06, 2016
I do like this touchscreen,at very first begining had some problems about delivery, but luckily Kuman's customer service is really great, I will try testing it at next couple of days.

  • Byjeremy
  • Oct 06, 2016
i have been looking for a high quality, touch screen for a while now. I have been testing some digital signage applications with my raspberry Pi2, and when I found this screen, it turned out to be a perfect match!

Being able to have a bare screen to build into my various applications and settings is great. This screen worked perfectly right out of the box and I had no problem hooking it in and using it.

  • ByCharles Canter
  • Sep 28, 2016
Came in a well padded box, which is good, because the USPS stuffed it into my mailbox.
The Touchscreen is a film, and the film on mine had air bubbles, i had to remove it and reapply the film. Pretty painless.
Popped it onto my Raspberry Pi 3 B, booted up Rasbian, made the edits to config.txt other reviewers posted, and had working touchscreen.
Screen is decently bright, but has poor viewing angles. Also can not be recalibrated.

I did run across one problem. If you use Kodi on the Raspberry Pi, you need to set it up on another screen. This is due to Kodi trying to send audio to the touchscreen which causes terrible graphical artifacts and makes the device unusable. So go into Kodi settings and force the audio to use the 3.5mm Analog Jack. after that, Enjoy the wonder of Kodi. Banged my head on that for 2 days. Didn't contact support, so who knows, they may have that listed somewhere.
A filter for audio and a calibration tool would have made this a 5 star device.

  • ByAnna-Maria Sulin
  • Sep 28, 2016
I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, which is expressed herein.

The Kuman 7" touchscreen arrived in excellent packaging, with all necessary elements to immediately hook it up to raspberry pi (my project) or other mini computer project; HDMI cable, USB/microUSB cable for touch setup, as well as mounting hardware if desired. The screen is LARGE and bold, with excellent colors and response. I was immediately impressed by it and glad that I had chosen it for the touchscreen module in my project, which will be a working touchscreen car-puter for my vehicle. The screen works flawlessly from the very first boot up. The colors and clarity are excellent, not just for a screen of its size and price, but in general. I am still learning how to work with raspberry pi and using the screen, so I will update this as required. However, upon first impressions and some use, I feel absolutely comfortable giving it a full 5 stars at this time!

  • ByShannyn
  • Sep 28, 2016
I bought this to use with a Raspberry Pi. However, I tested it with a few other things, just to play around with it. It works fantastically. So far, I have not been able to find a case that I like for it yet, so you will see in the photos, I temporarily used the box it came in to make an enclosure for both it, and my rPi. It's actually pretty nice, and convenient to use this way (for now).

I love using this thing constantly. It works perfectly for my needs.

So, on most of the things I plugged it into, the resolution worked without a problem. However, as you can see in the pictures, Raspberian does not automatically work well with it. You have to do a few things first. First off, when I first plugged it into my rPi, it actually just flickered on and off randomly, so it didn't seem to be getting enough power. The touchscreen will not work, when it is not plugged into the rPi, so you want to fix this, and get it working properly, instead of using an external power source.

You can find the config.txt documentation here:

If you don't want to look through all of the documentation, or just need help, here is what I did:
-Connected the screen to an external power supply temporarily, and used a regular mouse/keyboard
-Opened 'Terminal' and entered the following:
sudo nano /boot/config.txt

Using the arrow keys, I scrolled to the bottom, and typed in:
# Config - Kuman 7" Touchscreen
hdmi_cvt 800 480 60 6 0 0 0

-To exit and save the file:
Press 'Ctrl-X' then 'Y' then 'Enter'

-To reboot type:
sudo shutdown -r now

-Plug the usb power cord into your rPi.
The screen will flicker with colors as it comes on, then once it gets to the desktop, everything should be fitting perfectly, not flickering, and the touchscreen will work.

I received this product at a discount, with the agreement that I would provide a proper review, purely off my experience with it.
No agreement was given, on a positive or negative review and I was not compensated, past the initial discount, for reviewing it.
I myself depend entirely on reviews, before purchasing new items, so please, [...]!

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