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  • BySandy
  • Jun 01, 2017
The screen is a great product, but it has it's limits. It's not terrible fast, and since it is resistive it isn't particularly sensitive to fingers. However, I found it to be relatively simple and easy to use, especially with the pre-loaded OS. One point to be mindful of, take your time putting the case together and making sure you have all the ports lined up correctly. Also, the screen kind of wobbles above the USB header stack, because there is no support structure there. To solve this, I just cut a piece of the styrofoam from the packing material and pushed it between the back of the screen and the header stack to support the screen. This makes the screen significantly more usable. Great product for what it is, very useful, just don't expect too much out of it.

  • ByBranden Green
  • Jun 01, 2017
Great product with lots of info on how to install.

  • Byjosh
  • Jun 01, 2017
I have yet to be able to install this into my raspberry pi but it works beautifully on the regular pi OS!

  • Bypaul croft
  • Mar 20, 2017
Tout compte fait un vraiment bon kit. Une question que j'ai trouvée est ce parfois quand je mets à jour l'image qui vient avec ce paquet l'écran obtient glitchy. Parfois je peux juste découvrir sur l'écran ou réamorcer Pi et il le résout. .5 d'une déduction d'étoile pour cela. la caisse profective qui est venue avec cette sorte de kitm'etonne assez. Je suis assez sûr que j'en abusais par le démontent/rassemblent mais cela aurait été agréable pour un usage de long durée

  • Byhammad mansoor
  • Mar 20, 2017
La meilleure partie n’est pas détaillée dans le description ,c’est la production HDMI reste active Ctrl-Alt-F2 et F4 donnent deux fenêtres terminales à base de caractère qui peuvent être utilisées pour les programmes textuels normaux comme htop et des utilités(commodités) de config de râpe et vi pour éditer de fichiers(dossiers) de configuration ou des fichiers(dossiers) de HTML. Alors Ctrl-Alt-F7 réactive le LCD (qui est gelé en marchant dans l'écran terminal).manipulation facilement

  • ByFrancois.H
  • Mar 20, 2017
Pourquoi à recommander ? Parce que la description est un peu incomplète et heureusement.
En effet outre ce qui est décrit il y a dans le paquet un CD avec des instructions (en anglais et en chinois !) pour installer l'écran.
Il y a aussi trois images de logiciel pour les trois versions de Raspberry !
Bravo au vendeur Kuman pour l'emballage et le contenu.

  • ByChrstiana Asante
  • Mar 20, 2017
C’est un kit le quel vous obtenez vaut le coût que vous payez .le prix est juste ,l’ installation est non compliqué , l’ecran est agréable et brillant. Fonctionnement tactile le mieux avec le stylet , moins bien avec le travail de doigts, le dissipateur de chaleur installé rapidement .kit complète , la service clientèle est assez chaleureuse,je le recommande à mes amis

  • ByS. Siebert
  • Mar 07, 2017
It works Ok if you use the Raspberry Pi image on the disk provided. Couldn't get to work real well by just installing the drivers. The only other issue is some of the programs do not display well on it. Part of it is off the screen and you have to drag the window around to see parts or it will not display all the part of the contents in the window. Hope that makes sense. Once set up it is pretty cool, I like it...

  • ByRobs1lov
  • Mar 07, 2017
Excellent, works well., easy to use. good price and shipped and came in time.

  • ByRR - Denver, CO
  • Mar 07, 2017
Works like a charm!
I already had my Raspberry Pi 3 working with a 5" HDMI model LCD screen with the same resolution, but I needed smaller screen for more portable use. Thus, I gave this one a try.
Quite to my surprise, I put it on my RPi 3, booted and got into a terminal shell with SSH, dug into the directory where I had previously installed the driver (LCD-show which comes as a tar, zip'd file), ran the LCD35-show script, and the machine rebooted seconds later.
When it booted, the display was on and working (white screen prior to loading the right driver), and the touch interface worked like a charm.
Sometimes these things are finicky, but I was lucky that it worked within a few minutes of turning on the machine after installing.

Nice screen at a good price... and the case and heat sinks are handy as well.
The case is left as a puzzle for you, but it's really not that hard, as it can only go together one way. If you put the LCD screen on, the top piece of the case goes unused. If you don't put the LCD screen on, you can use the top plate of the case, which has a nice hole and mounting screw-holes for a small cooling fan. It's made of laser-cut acrylic and is quite nice. The end pieces have only short distances from rectangular mounting holes and the edge of the piece, so avoid overstressing them there, as they can break easily.
There are also 4 tiny plastic spacers with the hardware and screws... the screw goes up through the case bottom, then the spacers go on the screws, and the RPi board on top of that.

All-in-all... very nice.

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