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  • Bywaka
  • Jun 23, 2017

  • ByMaurice
  • Jun 23, 2017
Good screen for my raspberry pi

  • BySteven Piercy
  • Jun 23, 2017
I ordered this to use primarily as a monitor for a home CCTV system (which has both composite video and HDMI outputs).

For this purpose it is perfect, the size means it can sit unobtrusively on top of the CCTV box without getting in the way or dominating the room. The CCTV box is sitting on a bookshelf, so this actually quite neatly fill the space above the flat box.

I am genuinely impressed at the quality of this screen given both the price and the size. I wasn’t expecting miracles, but the images are crisp and clear – certainly clear and detailed enough to be able to read all on-screen text and to properly review CCTV images.

The monitor comes with an angle-adjustable stand, sticky pads for attaching this, a power supply, and a range of cables for connecting it to a range of applications (HDMI, and a range of options for in-car entertainment and security). There is also a remote control included which allows power/input functions and helps you navigate the OSD menus with ease.

  • Bysoon
  • Jun 23, 2017
Just plug and play with the Pi, and it works perfectly. No need to have external power plug as it directly draws electricity from the Pi.

  • ByJames Allen
  • Apr 29, 2017
I bought this 6 months ago for a automobile project but its to dim and hard to see anything on the screen. Out side or in the car its useless. No good on a PC or RPi ether. Maybe I just got a bad one, but that's the chance you  take on these web sites.

  • ByParzival
  • Sep 29, 2016
I realy like this little monitor. im using it with a make shift vr visor. it works well but the reason i did not give it a star review due 6o the fact that it does not have a power supply. this is kind of annoying but its not that bi of a deal. i got this at a discount for my honest review.

  • ByCount Buggula
  • Sep 29, 2016
I'm using this screen to replace the rear entertainment DVD setup that was stock in my minivan. Managed to fit this in place of the OEM screen and the resolution and brightness are great for my application. I'm hooking it up to an ARM board running Kodi and so far definitely fits the bill, as I needed the HDMI input.

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